Equestrian Portugal

Since the foundation of Portugal there has been a long tradition with many centuries regarding its equestrian activities. In the past, horses and equestrian activities were mainly looked at as a way of transport and a military advantage. However, this perspective has evolved and today horses and equestrian activities are focused in sport and leisure activities with an increasing number of interested practitioners. Indeed, equestrian sports are very much appreciated in Portugal. However, the historical perspective is important to understand the traditional Portuguese horse tack and Baroque horse tack in use nowadays, including Portuguese saddles and bridles.
In the same way the traditional Portuguese horse breeds and the way of horse riding are the result from a long term evolution. Speaking about Portuguese horses is necessarily speaking about the Lusitano horse breed. Lusitano horses are by far the best known and appreciated Portuguese horses. Nevertheless, two other breeds exist with particular interest as Portuguese heritage: the Sorraia and the Garrano horse breeds. In Portugal, horse riding has evolved like in any other country where several equestrian disciplines are recognized. However, Dressage needs a particular attention as it is in the basis of the horse riding which can be then specialized in Dressage itself or in any other Equestrian discipline.
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