Garrano horse

Garrano horse has its origin in a pre-historic Iberian pony which has been characteristic from the northern mountainous regions of the Iberian Peninsula. Pre-historic cave drawings at places like La Pasiega and Altamira are important records to describe the morphology from the Garrano horse ancestral. Its believed that from such pre-historic horse until the Garrano horse breed there has been no major influences until to our days since Garranos have been only used in small agriculture or transport works in the mountainous regions, where there has been little influences from other horses (though it has been argued that the horses brought by the Celts of similar type as the Garranos have interbred with the local horses). The Garrano horse has short hears and members and has head profile straight or concave. Garranos are distributed mainly in the north of Portugal in places such as Serra do Gerês.
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