Horse riding and training in Portugal

Horse riding has a long history as well as the concern to do it properly, for instance Xenophon has written ” The art of horsemanship” from ancient Greece times. In Portugal, horse riding has been very important since its foundation used as an advantage in war. In the XVIII century Manuel Carlos Andrade has written in detail about riding in the book “Luz da Liberal e Nobre Arte da Cavalaria” which occurs in the same century of the establishment from the Portuguese Equestrian Art Riding School “Picaria Real”. In the XX century the great dressage master in Portugal Nuno Oliveira and his students, such as D. Diogo Bragança, from their interpretation of the old classical dressage school, have brought new perspectives in the “modern” classical dressage. In Portugal there are several equestrian centers where horse riding and training can be carried out within the several equestrian disciplines. Though several horse breeds are used, overall, the Lusitano horse breed is by far the most used. Particular attention should be given to Dressage as it is in the basis of the horse riding which can be then specialized in Dressage itself or in any other Equestrian discipline.