Sorraia horse

Sorraia horse is a Portuguese horse breed which is believed to be very close to the existing pre-historic Iberian horse. The name of this breed, “Sorraia”, is due to its discover in Portugal which was done by Dr Ruy D’Andrade (1945) in the valley of the river the Sorraia. The river Sorraia is an affluent to the river Tagus and is the result of the merge between the river Sor and the river Raia (Sor-Raia). Existing rock engravings demonstrate that even before the last Ice age there was a horse extremely similar to the Sorraia horse in the Iberian Peninsula. Numbers of Sorraia horses are very low. There are just a few studs dedicated to this breed. Thus, Sorraia horses tend to have high levels of inbreeding.

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