Portugal is not just known by its horses and horse riders; it is also home to an ancient heritage on equestrian tack. Portugal Web is a one private company making these products in the context of Portugal’s cultural tradition and innovation. Founded in January of 2007, Portugal Web is a established company with a team sharing a passion to bring world class made in Portugal equestrian products for the worldwide audiences online.

These products have been handcrafted by artisans who carry the country’s centuries old tradition for making some of the best leather saddles. You can visit Portugal to find them or you can visit Portugal Web right from the comfort of your home. Portugal Web is managed by the Portugalweb Lda Company registered in Portugal. VAT registration number 507769821.

The Equestrian Heritage
During the Roman settlement of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal region was known as Lusitania. Hence, today the Portuguese people can be sometimes called Lusitano people. In addition, its most famous horse breed took on the derivative name Lusitano more than a thousand years later. Along the way, Portugal developed a love for horses with an evolving engagement with military cavalries, horse-drawn transportation, bullfighting with horses and equestrian sporting events that now define its equestrian heritage. With a love for horses over the centuries, it is only natural that a concurrent tradition of handcrafting horse back riding accessories have evolved into a thriving industry over the same period. You have horse saddles of various designs and purpose coming into play like dressage and equitation saddles. You have horse tacks, bridles and cavessons figuring in as part of accessorising your horse stable. Today, not only has the world benefited from the Lusitano thoroughbreds populating the stud farms, race tracks and stables around the world, but the name Lusitano has found its mark as among the finest equestrian accessory brands anywhere. Portugal Web is proud to present the Lusitano brand of equestrian accessories to the world. They represent centuries of fine handcrafted Portuguese saddles like the Portuguese, Relvas, Ribatejo and Dinis saddles that can only be handcrafted in Portugal.

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